Monday, February 22, 2016

Trouble with my Cricut!

OK, thought I would be a good family member and actually create a list of family members' birthdays and anniversaries.  I started working on cards tonight.  I couldn't even make it through my first one :( without problems.

Look at this:

Apparently, it makes a difference as to what mat you use.  I know, I even tells you what mat to use in the directions.  I guess they tell you that for a reason.  I could not find what I did with my standard grip mat and used the strong grip mat...well, that above is the result.  YUK!!!!

Well, in trying to figure this out while researching others that have had the same issue, I found my standard grip mat.  With finding that, I decided to try it again on that mat..and voila!  It worked!

I will show you the finished card tomorrow.  I'm pooped now!