Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthday Gifts - Boy and Girl

I have been keeping my husband's soda bottles in hopes of creating an altered soda bottle. I finally had an excuse to create one. Yesterday, my neighbor had a party for her daughter and son. Daughter was turning 11 and son turned 8. They are both into Pokemon cards. So, easy I bought them each a special pack of Pokemon cards and for the girl I also made her a shirty with a vinyl fairy(sorry, no picture). Here are my bottles with presents already inside. It was so much fun to see them figure out how to get the presents out. The girl asked how...and I said that is part of the surprise, you have to figure it out! LOL They did very easily!

Post-it Holder and Beaded Matching Pen

I had an order from a co-worker for a friend of hers to make a special gift for a friend. She liked the post-it holder that I made for my desk and asked if I could personalize it....sure I can with vinyl! So, I personalized this cutting with a font in SCAL (sorry, don't remember which one), made a paper rose, and then made a beaded pen with the micro beads in a paper to match the post-it holder. I also created a custom bag to wrap it in and had it matching the paper as well. The entire gift was sold for $12. Hope you enjoy!

Fleur de Lis

I have been so busy lately with parties and family that I haven't had time to post my projects on here. So, I thought I would try to get caught up today. First, we had a new family move onto the block and I have always wanted to make a housewarming gift for the new families. I am a military spouse and live on a Naval Base. I think it is important we stick together and I try hard to make friends with all military spouses that I can. I was an ombudsman for many years but now that my husband is retired, I miss that comradeship. So, this is my way of trying to keep that feeling alive. Anyway, I decided to make an etched votive and some coasters for this family.

I downloaded an SVG for a fleur de lis and created a cut file in SCAL and then cut it out in vinyl. I like to use the contact paper from the dollar store as my transfer tape. I find it doesn't stick to well but works great for a temp stick like transferring vinyl. I then found this amazing ribbon that has fleur de lis' on it and wrapped it around the glass. I found a votive for $.25. This project cost me about $2 when you consider etching cream.

I didn't want to just stop at the votive so I continued with a set of coasters to match. However, I really didn't like working with the fleur de lis that I found originally and then found another one that I thought was so much prettier. So, I cut that out in a chocolate vinyl and adhered to a 4x4 ceramic tile. I adhered cork onto the back and sealed the front with Mod Podge. I know a lot don't do that, but I find it better especially if the coaster will be coming into contact with water (condensation...duh!!! LOL) .

I wrapped these with the same ribbon. So I hope you enjoy!