Sunday, July 27, 2014


OH MY!   How expensive can these things get?!?  Well, Tiffany would like to have beta fish in her centerpieces.  However, she wants to make sure we have people to adopt them after the reception.  So, that means I need to be prepared for guests to either take home the centerpieces or have something the fish can go home in.

These were some of my original ideas:


I originally wanted a tall vase with the flower arrangement on top.  However, I know nothing about fish.  Apparently, they have to have air to breathe.  So, arrangement on top won't work as the poor fishy's won't have any air.  So, off to find something else.  As you know, your centerpieces either need to be low or tall,  no in between!

I love this look:

I think we are going to do the long tables and I think of incorporating all three, I love the flowers around the vases as in the first and last one, but love the look of the symatry going down the table in the secondone.  I am going to get as many votives as I can get, turn them all into faux mercury glass and scatter them all over the tables.  I love the third vase, but they are so expensive for the amount of them that we need.  So, they are out.  I think weare going with the tall cylander vase like the first with greenery inside and the beta fish.  I am going to get the square vases from Dollar Tree and do the faux mercury on them too.  Those will have the small flowers in them.  Think they will be Hydrangeas