Friday, July 25, 2014

Wedding Flowers and Bouquets

Last I left telling you about creating for my daughter's wedding. I have created several samples of things that I want to have at her wedding. I thought I would handle this item by item.  First are flowers and bouquets.

I suggested a brooch bouquet to my daughter and showed her the pic of one I thought was pretty and she loved the idea.  I created a FaceBook page where people could donate to the cause and know we wanted to include special pieces from our family and friends.  I have had a lot of people (both friends and family) that have donated so far and I am making my flowers as I get the pieces.  They are at my office on my desk or I would share a pic of some of them with you (will do at a later time).

Now I need to decide if we are using real flowers, silk flowers or home made flowers for the bouquets.  I have fallen in love with Peonies and would love to have them in the bouquets in a soft blush or white.  Sort of  like this:

I have been testing making peonies out of fabric.  I like it in red, but I tried it in white, but the burning (melting) of the fabric shows up and makes it look dingy.  So, that is still a work in progress.  I created this using the pattern at Martha Stewart for the paper Peonies. However, I thought next I would try to create them with the petals from the Martha site, but put it together by sewing it. I will let you know how that turns out.