Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Late Mardi Gras

Oh, how I miss New Orleans this time of year. We would normally be out visiting all sorts of festivals and parades. Havre de Grace, MD had what they call a Mardi Gras parade. I really wonder if the people who set this parade up have ever been to a real Mardi Gras Parade. It had about 5 groups in it and no floats. They were barely throwing out any beads at all. Thankfully, my little one, who has never been to a parade, was able to get 3 strands of beads and he was happy with that. However, Melissa, who was born in Kenner LA and has attended too many parades to mention, was extremely disappointed. Glad she was in the parade so she at least had something fun to do. Having such a horrible Mardi Gras this year has prompted us to want to go back to New Orleans to show Michael what it is really supposed to be like. So, next year, you will have pics from a real Mardi Gras. This year, there aren't any pics that are worth sharing. So, I will show my King Cake I made last year for my oldest daughter's birthday cake. Her birthday last year was close enough to Mardi Gras that it was appropriate. I hope you enjoy.