Friday, July 17, 2009

New Glass Etchig Project

OK, it has been a while, but I had a large project due and have been quite busy at work. But, here it glass etching project. I started with regular beer glasses that I bought at Home Goods. I found a coat of arms for the client out on the internet, downloaded it and changed its wording, etc. in Adobe Photoshop. Then I converted the image to an SVG so that I can cut it with SCAL. I cut this out on some scrap vinyl that I had around and then put on the glass. Can I say, the biggest problem I had with this was the transfer tape. I just found out about some new transfer tape that is supposed to be better so will keep you posted if I can get my hands on it and it works well. Other than that, these glasses went pretty easily...just time consuming with all the tiny detail! Hope you like.